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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fashion Icon ~ Katherine Hepburn

Between 1932 and 1934 Katherine Hepburn found much success in her film career but Katherine's demise for only a short time was because of her fashion..can you believe that?  Stories began to to leak out of haughty behavior, in short her refusal to play the Hollywood Game from not wearing make-up to wearing slacks opposed to dresses.

With all of that said as we now know she did find much success in her life in film but it wasn't an easy road.  After a series of film flops what you might not know is that she was labled as "box office posion"
 so she decided to go back to Broadway and found success in the hit The Philadelphia Story, she bought the rights to the film and graced her way back into showbiz and films on her own terms even picking her own co-stars including her longtime love Spencer Tracy.

An independent strong woman Katherine Hepburn made it ok for a woman to look gorgeous even in a pant suit or slacks, play sports and basically be one of the boys yet still be a classy lady. Here are some of our favorite fashion looks from the lovely Katherine Hepburn. (all photos courtesy of google)

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