Fashion Wrap Up

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Editor's Pick~

Kentucky Derby Hats~
The Derby is fast approaching, and if you don't have your hat or you cannot decide here are a few of our favorites.
One of our favorite designers is Emily Clark of Emilliner  here are two of our favorite pieces of fashionable couture hats. We love the lime green feather cocktail hat, reminds us a little of SJP at the SATC premiere. The modern fascinator on the right is very chic with its unique feather, crinoline design and the Swarovski crystals sparkle from the center making this a statement piece for any Derby function.

Mesela Designs~
I love Mesela Designs, head designer Kristen Grimes Files has created so many extraordinary designs with the use of feathers. Here are two of my favorites ~  On the left we the Audrey Hepburn inspired hat made of soft cream ostrich feathers, paired with the black feathers that adorn the top of the hat give it a whimsy yet classical elegance. Wow everyone at Churchill Downs with this gorgeous hat! The hat on the right is made of rooster tail feathers the radiant reds mixed with black make this headpiece a sexy statement for a social gathering.


  1. That first one is fabulous! Makes me wish I lived in Kentucky. ;)
    XO Piper