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Friday, September 24, 2010

T. Party T Shirts- The Party is Served in Style~

The T.Party Launch Party is quickly approaching and head designer Kaitlin Elyse is finalizing all the last minute details for the event on September 30th at the Blu Martini. Visit the Fashion Wrap Up Facebook fan page to win an exclusive T.Party gift! Here is the 2nd part of our interview with Kaitlin who is busy serving up delightfully witty collections of T-Shirts!

Fashion Wrap Up: How did you come up with the name T.Party? 
Kaitlin~ It took awhile to finally land on the name T.Party. I wanted something that would work with a varied array of lines and personalities and work for both men and women. I was brainstorming for a couple weeks, trying to come up with or list everything I could that had the word “tee” or “tea” in it. One morning I was laying there talking to my boyfriend Josh, and said semi-randomly “T.Party!” - and started immediately cracking up. I knew it was right. It was actually his idea to use “T.” instead of “Tee.”
It made sense- people like their tea different, and every collection fits a different personality or mood. No matter the saying or color ink it's printed in- it‘s still printed on the same product, a t-shirt. Tea is much the same way, It's all made out of tea leaves, it can be bold or caffeinated, and served in something pretty - but the product sitting in your teacup is still tea- and it still is made to fit your mood. 

Fashion Wrap Up:How did you prepare yourself for your upcoming Launch Party as far as your style and creative process for the runway show to the models you’ve selected?

Kaitlin~ I’ve worked backstage for quite a few fashion shows in the short time that I’ve been a student at Harrison- and I’ve seen lots of good, and lots of bad. I tried to take all of those things and really apply them to my show and my goals. I wanted to really base the event around what my line really stands for, and not just for the sake of having a party. 
I have to head into it with the mindset that this is my first show that I've produced, and like all first attempts - not everything will go right.
I started by free writing out a list of goals- what I envisioned it to be, even if I knew I couldn’t make all of it happen- no limits. Then, just like writing a paper, you have to revise, and then edit until I had a cohesive, unified concept.

Just like my line, I wanted the event to be accessible, and affordable to as many people as possible. So I picked a place that you didn’t have to hunt for parking, wouldn’t have to pay cover on a Thursday night, and would even be able to grab a dinner deal (hello half price sushi from 5-7!- I‘m a sucker for a bargain!). You don’t need money to have style, and that’s what my party and line are all about!   
Fashion Wrap Up: Who inspires you?
Kaitlin~I know it’s cheesy but, my friends and family (and haters) all inspire my creativity. Receiving emails from people that I have supported in the past in their business endeavors, telling me how proud they are of me, is huge. I also have a couple of AMAZING cheerleaders in my corner, who are there for me day in and day out. I have been blessed with some very special, supportive, and loving friends who never doubt me, even when I’m doubting myself. They always remind me that as long as I'm doing what I love, I can't fail. Along with those wonderful cheerleaders, and endlessly supportive family- I am inspired by the people who are haters. The people who want to tear me down, talk bad about me, or insinuate unflattering things about me or my business.  They just inspire me to be even better, and they inspire my friends to be even more supportive.


Fashion Wrap Up: Who are some of your favorite designers? Kaitlin~Chanel is probably on the top of my list. Coco Chanel made her life, and her empire on costume jewelry and hats, not too mention making lovely suits from what was considered a “low brow” fabric- jersey.  She is very inspiring as a designer someone with a modest start, who took women's fashion from the layers and layers of fabric, with binding corsets, to a more simplified style making it ultra chic! (Here is where you all raise your glass and toast Mademoiselle Chanel for being one of the greatest designers of all time)


Fashion Wrap Up: What matters most to you as a designer? Kaitlin~Any boss I've ever had will tell you that the thing that makes me the most happy is my guests, clients, or customers. Hands down. With my own business it is the same-my customers and what they want is what makes me happy. So many designers and creative directors are so stuck on themselves, and their vision/creativity- that when times change they resist, and ultimately that is where they fail.
I am always taking suggestions from my customers and clients, besides that part of T.Party’s business is custom work. This can be anything from some extra embellishment on a shirt from the actual T.Party line, to their own custom designs.

Fashion Wrap Up: Where can people buy T.Party designs?
Kaitlin~Prior to the official launch on September 30th, everyone can check out all current mock ups at, and can e-mail myself with their pre-orders at  After the official launch people will be able to purchase from the website that is currently under construction. The basic shirt starts at only $12.00! If anyone would like to add studs or rhinestones those shirts can be purchased for $15.00! Custom designs are $20 per shirt (as seen here on Nightlights TV Host Amy Beers)

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