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Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscars Worst Dressed

Worst Dressed - Beyonce

The songstress accented her hourglass figure with this black and gold mermaid style gown from the House of Dereon. Beyonce has delivered yet another horrible choice for the red carpet, I think she was attacked by the same fabric used on Scarface's office couch or possibly the couch in the bathroom at Studio 54.

Photo Courtesy of InStyle

Worst In A Toga - Jessica Biel

Justin's lady love went terribly wrong in this Prada column gown. I think she was planning to go to the Delta Tau Chi house after the Oscars. Jessica wore black pumps to match her black Prada clutch, but when she walked in the gown it looked as if she was wearing pants. The whole thing was a mess, but her hair looked great!

Photo Courtesy of Yahoo

Boring in Black - Angelina Jolie

I think Angelina looks stiff in the black Elie Saab couture strapless gown and haven't we seen this look from her a thousand times? I think Angelina needs to wear some colors like blue's and green she has that stunning mane of brunette hair there is no need to look like Elvira.

Photo Courtesy of InStyle

Red Carpet Renegades and Repeat Offenders

Mama Mia starlet Amanda Seyfried looks tacky in this Valentino bow tragedy..Yikes!

Photo Courtesy of Yahoo

Love you Amy Adams - A+ for your necklace, F for your dress strapless Carolina Herrera ruby red gown. Photo Courtesy of Yahoo

Last year's Best Supporting Actress Tilda Swinson donned the red carpet in yet another horrid choice in a boring beige Lavin blouse and a black skirt for the Oscars. Someone please fire her stylist and give her a makeover!

Photo Courtesy of Yahoo

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