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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ten Hottest Male Movie Stars~

We have compiled the list of the Ten Hottest Male Movie Stars. We asked the readers of Fashion Wrap Up to weigh in on this topic along with popularity, and physical good looks here is how the list broke down~

10. George Clooney~  
"He's probably the only guy that my mom and I would both agree that is hot."  

9. Channing Tatum~ "Dancer, Action Hero and Romantic Leading Man. He is like the total package."  

8. Hugh Jackman~ "He's hot with his clothes on, he's hot with his clothes off - he seems to get better with age.  Wolverine action figure anyone?" 

7. Robert Downey Jr.~ "He's Robert Downey Jr. he survived the 80's and lived to tell the tale, he is truly an Iron Man."  

6. Chris Pine~
"Chris is just super hot..look at those smoldering blue eyes and not too mention his charming smile."

5.Christian Bale~ "Not only is he an incredible actor, Christian has a phenomenal physique and those alluring intense eye's..WOW! In Batman when he just dropped to the floor and started doing push-ups I mean can we say...HOT!!"

4. Ryan Reynolds~ "Ryan is just so hot... did you see the Amityville Horror? He is a tall drink of water."

 3. Robert Pattinson~ "Oh Edward...I mean Robert! Bella...I mean Kristen is a lucky girl. I think he is hot because of the whole Vampire fantasy thing right now, or maybe its the accent?"

 2. Johnny Depp~ "He is quirky and has general laid back attitude that works for the hotness factor. He is Johnny Depp, he is timeless and just gets better with age."

Bradley Cooper~"He's funny, he's gorgeous, he dresses well, did we mention he is gorgeous? Have you seen The Hangover? He makes me wish I had a teacher that good looking! Just when we thought he couldn't be any hotter...enter the summer blockbuster The A Team..holy abs Batman!"

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  1. A perfect blondes (I'm counting Ryan Reynolds as medium-light-brown) :) I could go without 3 & 5 but I'm totally on board with the rest :)