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Sunday, October 3, 2010

T.Party Serves A Cup of Style~

Lynda Trimble
The Blu Martni in Indianapolis was the hot spot on Thursday evening! The stylish restaurant and bar served up the hottest runway show this fall with the fabulous witty designs of T.Party. Head designer Kaitlin Elyse presented her new line of screen printed statement shirts that can easily fit into anyone's wardrobe! Kaitlin said "You can take the T.Party anywhere, in the streets or roll VIP style dress them up or dress them down to fit the way you like your T." These shirts were served to the viewing audience on some gorgeous models in their undies on a stylish blue runway!  The designs were accompanied by the uber stylish shoes of Eimaj Designs, ties by Derrick B, and the spectacular jewelry designs of Cheeky Couture!

Many of the fabulous fashion elite of the Midwest attended the event from models, to designers and those who love fashion. All enjoyed a delicious selection of martini's and sushi! DJ Stewbot entertained the audience with his mixing of electronica and dance.The House of 5th Crew was in the house, and in talking with the dynamic duo of 5th as I like to call them, Audrey Hopper and Truen Jaimes, they both agreed that the line of new shirts were fun and the show was fantastic! "It is so great to see all the local fashionista's come out and support this new company."   

T.Party debuted a few select tee's from each of the four collections, including Collection One which are sassy, mouthy sayings coated with a sugary sweet delivery inspired by Kaitlin's good friend Aimee Achenbach. Collection Two is a collaborative project with Nuvo Blogger and Indy Music Guru Danielle Look, these shirts feature sayings promoting the Indianapolis electronic music scene. Collection Three is a series of confident, sexy sayings that are staples in a fabulous person's life! Collection four is the Hater Collection, because everyone needs haters! Kaitlin also featured some limited/special edition tee's on the runway with catchy sayings in art inspired designs. One of the favorites from this collection is  "I Love Your Guts".

T.Party cares about the community and the environment printing each shirt with a water-based ink. It's the personal mission of T.Party to hard everyday and when its safe for the environment! All Launch Party guests were asked to bring items of clothing to donate to charity. Kaitlin and the T.Party crew will be sending these items to a local Indianapolis Homeless shelter!

Amy Shiloh Thorne

Casey Pierce

Justin Canavan

Amy Beers, Kaitlin Elyse and A.J. Jones
Nikki Wallace, A.J. Jones and Me
 On Thursday Kaitlin announced her official T.Party Spokes Models Amy Beers and A.J. Jones, but wait there's more T.Party is also the official clothing sponsor of Nightlights TV! You don't want to be the only one not with a T.Party shirt please visit them on Facebook and follow their new blog! T.Party Tee's make great gifts for your fabulous friends too! 

All Photos were provided by Laurel Wright of Fashion Wrap Up and David Van Deman

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