Fashion Wrap Up

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Direct Wrap Up with Devon Scott ~

Bow Down or Bow Out? 
I want to put a trend out into the court of public opinion:  back bows.
When I think of bows, I think of Christmas gifts.  Headbands (for those under the age of 12).  Shoelaces. 
But, on party dresses?  The jury is still out.  I saw a gorgeous pink dress from White House/Black Market (yes I know that's a contradictory statement).  Problem?  The massive bow on the back.  In fairness, designers have moved the bow up from near the hips (circa 1985) to the middle of the back.  But, despite that, I can't get on-board with this trend.
What do you fashionistas think?


  1. I can not get down with the back bows. I always think of hideous bridesmaids dresses when I see a huge bow on the back of the dress. It just looks like the dress doesn't fit, so you had to tie it around yourself.

  2. No matter if it is a small bow, or a giant bow like this one, I always think of cheap. I think there are better accessories that can be added to dresses that would do just the trick.