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Friday, July 16, 2010

Best Dressed At Lady Gaga~

As Beth and I are on our way to Conseco Fieldhouse I was telling her about the two ladies I saw on Fox 59 earlier that morning! I was telling her about the girls and how one of them had on a pink tutu and the other  had purple hair extensions and a fabulous black mini with a purple collar. The ladies had made their own oufits for the Lady Gaga concert complete with accessories and one of the lil monsters had a fun hat with a pink bird on it. Beth said "Oh that sounds so amazing, If I had more time I wish I could have been that creative."  I know right? Well guess what ~ I totally spotted those fabulous girls with their friends in the parking lot, we had arrived at the same time! I asked them if we could have a picture and I dropped my camera BOO..but no fear Beth saves the day and caputured the pic! We all walked together to the Monster Ball through the streets of Indianapolis and I had learned that the lil monster in the black mini dress was an up and coming designer and she explained how she constructed each outfit and provided creative inspiration to each ensemble. SO COOL~ I hope she contacts me and let's me know her name because I think her designs are pretty amazing!!

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