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Monday, July 5, 2010

The UnWrap with Kaitlin~

Girlfriend, WRAP IT UP!

Because wrapping it up sometimes is a good idea.

Last time we talked about curvy girls in pants that don't fit, this week- I have GOT to address not what is worn, but maybe what ISN'T worn. Some of you were unwrapped during the festivities this weekend (I know it was 4th of July- and a million degrees in the Indiana humidity),but being too unwrapped is not sexy. C'mon ladies- it's the Midwest. Do you really need reminding?

Sexiness isn't about skin, it's about showing the skin that is sexiest on you, please leave a little mystery to that potential Labor Day date of your dreams who isn't eyeing you YET, from across the bar/pool.Over the lovely holiday weekend, as I did my usual observing (and judging- you know I do) of peoples' attire, single or coupled, I was appalled- the, “Omg, I think I just threw up in my mouth” kind. I was visually assaulted by more than one woman's choice of man snagging/keeping attire. This abuse on my eyeballs had nothing to do with a style that wasn't “in,” or a fashion that isn't trendy - it was by all the other bits of them that were hanging out.There is a time and a place for it to all (well, mostly) be hanging out, and upscale bars or events around Indy, any time of the year, is not it.

Let's remember last time's statement of “not all women are created equal,” and add to your fashion vocab- “sometimes less is more”, especially when finding that style that is right for YOUR body. If you must break out that summer mini, you must find balance. Pick one “asset” or another to show off, and cover the bits that aren't your favorite. Being self aware is your greatest accessory. The trick is to show these things, and camouflage the others skillfully.

So, now it's time to chat about how to wear that tiny dress, and make it work whether you're a “bottom half,” or a “top half” shower-offer.If you have great legs, snag yourself a great fishnet-maybe try it in a fun color or with a back seam (there are super fun sexy ones with rhinestones, actual seams, hearts, etc), and pair them with that super hot boot you have (if you have great legs, I know you own several). If you do a boot- the sky is the limit when it comes to height! This will give you that chic, feminine look, show off your legs, and make you mysterious all the same time. Balance this leggy look with picking a flattering neckline (aka not strapless if your "upper" isn't your best), a great v-neck, faux wrap, or halter is great for summer styles. If your “upper body” is your best asset, grab that fabulous mini dress, and throw on some great leggings underneath- not just a tight, and I'll tell you why.If you get a good quality legging, you can suck it all in and smooth it all out. If your legs are heavy, or even just unshapely this adds some interest, but camouflages the uh… necessary without putting you in pants. Find a matte legging that has some fun details (rhinestones, studs), or is in a great print. Prints are amazing for hiding things, or you can switch it up with a black one pair with a black boot or shoe to make your legs look longer and leaner. Then, for the top, keep the attention up there, a great statement necklace or earring is great with this look.If you have to keep adjusting your dress- you're doing it wrong. Figure out your favorite, find your balance, and wrap a LITTLE bit of it up.

You guys know how much I love to unwrap, but sometimes, it's OK to keep a little bit of it on.

Stay sassy, my lil fashionista princesses, until next week.

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