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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Look of the Day~

Arlinda and Michelle~  The dynamic duo that is R Lynda dressed to impress at the Fashion Wrap Up party Thursday evening at the Historic Ambassador House and Heritage Gardens! First off I love the platinum color of the dresses..I wonder if they knew that purple and platinum are the official Fashion Wrap Up colors?  The strapless BCBG cocktail dresses were nothing short of fabulous.

On Arlinda~ I love the form fitting bust that leads to the belted waist that gives way the gorgeous flowing skirt
 she completed the look with a red envelope clutch and cuff bracelet.

On Michelle~ A sexy platinum silk strapless bustier with a layered skirt of stacked chiffon feathers. I love this dress too!

The ladies and I both agree that BCBG is amazing!! Michelle said "We chose these looks because they represent our own personal style so well, as well as the style of "R.Lynda" (feminine and romantic yet sexy and bold). Since we don't really want to wear anything from her collection just yet (waiting on the launch on July 29), BCBG is definitely one of our top choices! We're just sad we haven't seen any pics that include our shoes :( because we both LOVE shoes!!"

So apparently the ladies had amazing shoes and I will look for a pic and send to them ASAP then I will let all of you know to check it out!!

Speaking of Michelle's above quote they are launching a new couture line called R Lynda!  Look for an exclusive here on Fashion Wrap Up and we will be tweeting live from their launch on July 29th!! I will also have complete fashion coverage on the website and our lovely blog!!

Photo Courtesy of Girl Meets Fashion


  1. girls look beautiful..and Arlinda you will go far..think POSITIVE and you will make it anywhere

  2. Wow! Stunning to say the least. I am in love with the "feathers"..LOVE BCBG!