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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Talking Fashion with Unfashionable People~

When people ask me about Fashion Wrap Up and what it's all about I get very confused looks. Its really hard to explain to people especially Midwestern folks what an online fashion magazine is all about. I also find it to be extremely funny that some Designers don't understand the concept of an online fashion magazine either. The concept is the same as a print publication, but as this generation transitions from print to online media as their main source of gathering information Fashion Wrap Up is a perfect outlet in leading the way.   I am just lucky enough to have worked with the smartest, most creative and informed business savvy designers and boutique owners who actually understand the concept! But hey that's my mission to bring fashion and a little Hollywood into the mix so that Indiana and the Midwest will no longer be labeled as unfashionable "fly-over country".

It really "gets my goat" when I talk to people who consider themselves fashionable while they are bragging about how they spent only $20 on their Apt.9  tops and blazers paired with their cotton poly blend Jaclyn Smith skirts. REALLY? I am not saying you have to spend a fortune on your wardrobe but shopping at Wal-mart and Target does not a fashionista make. You have the power to seek out new and exclusive one of a kind fashions by going to boutiques and not your local shopping mall. Why would you want to buy a silver maxi dress only to show up at a party with someone else wearing the exact same Axcess brand dress you purchased from Kohls? And I love Kohls, they do have Vera Wang and Elle designs. This is exactly why no one wants to take us seriously in the fashion, trends and style savvy world, we keep proving them right or at least that is the impression the majority of the Midwest is putting out there. 

So for all you fashionistas who are in the know, help get the word out that fashion exists in the Midwest. Fashion Wrap Up will continue to  feature a talented up and coming designer or boutique each month to prove it! We will also keep you in the loop of celebrity and Hollywood because let's face it, Hollywood is a driving force in setting trends!  Also don't tell me that you don't watch TV and that you are "too busy" for that kind of thing.  Please you live in the Midwest (I am really speaking to Indiana here because the general population is unaware of the culture, art museums and great restaurants we have, they consider Applebees a hot night out) you are not fooling anyone. I know that 80% of the general population is at home on a Wednesday night watching Big Brother - which brings another good point - REALITY TV SUCKS its BORING!  Its NOT real! Stop watching it now!

Bottom line - watch The Devil Wears Prada if you need someone to translate well then I am not sure you can be saved. I will keep trying though!

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  1. Wow, I really hope this post wasn't written by the same chick that had on the David's Bridal Reject Pink Bridesmaid Gown at the Launch Party because that would be ridiculous! If you are looking for Indy and the Midwest to embrace you and your ideas this certainly isn't the way to do it.

    Granted, Indy isn't known for its fashion but there are still lots of fashionable people around here. It doesn't matter where you shop or how much you spend - fashion is about trying new things and putting your own personal spin on outfits. I may buy mass market clothing, but I can assure you I have never arrived any where and looked just like another guest.

    Also, people probably don't understand the online magazine concept because it doesn't look like a magazine. It looks like a low budget blog that some highschooler publishes monthly. I know you just started, but perhaps if you are going to be some great educator of the Midwest you should have your shit a bit more put together.

    It seems like if Indy and the Midwest are so beneath you perhaps you should move and share your great vision with one of the coasts - but warning, I heard they watch Reality TV there too!

    I was so excited about this concept and seeing it come alive in Indy, but with the elitist attitude you're displaying I'm not interested.

  2. Oh, Snap!

    Sort of.

    Anyone that supports the fashion scene in Indy is my BFF. The Midwest is tough with it's conservative sensibility and I think giving a platform that makes it OK for a budding creative to focus on apparel is sorely needed.

    Actually, I just like going to events where I can dress up.

  3. And to the "anonymous" (who is too afraid to show her identity)'re probably the same sore loser who nobody can stand at parties and people just talk to you to be nice. You keep appearing like an ugly zit and continue to hate on everyone that is trying to do their own thing and start something. Oh yeah. I know who you are (b/c I've heard you talk crap before), I've seen you and your sour self "party of 1" at all events (or the ones that people feel they have to invite you to). Why do you have to come out and be a hater? Go start your own magazine, or create something that would make you relevant (though I really think you have tried and have failed you have to spread your vile venom onto the rest). This is Fashion Wrap Up's blog, so therefore she can talk about whatever she wants and give her own opinion. You don't have to like it, or actually come read it. Which, is really funny because you keep it must be of interest to you.
    "Also, people probably don't understand the online magazine concept because it doesn't look like a magazine. It looks like a low budget blog that some highschooler publishes monthly"

    And, by this comment you probably mean yourself, since obviously're just hating because you didn't think of it first...and all you will ever be is that sad little woman in the background.
    "I have never arrived any where and looked just like another guest"

    Um..obviously you didn't look at the mirror before leaving your house a couple of weeks ago. You don't know what you are talking about because the hideous dress you wore to the last event could of easily made it to Richard Blackwell's worst dressed front page. But, wait a minute. You probably don't know who that is. So sad. So here's a little help.

    There, now slowly start educating yourself so when you make another post you sound like you have some credibility. And, thank you for not being interested because the movers and shakers of what is to come, are obviously not interested in you (if you haven't noticed).

    Please go away silently, the same way you came. Because next time I see you in public I will call you out and have you blacklisted. Now take your sour-self back from the little dark place you came from and go watch The Biggest Loser.

  4. The name is Jordan not scared to put that out there!!July 20, 2010 at 9:11 AM

    Hey anonymous #1 why are you so afraid to use your name?? If you really want your opinion heard you should learn to use your voice instead of trash someone who is willing to put them self out there for their passion. Can I ask what you have done lately?? My guess would completely be nothing. Have fun in your cheesy low budget Walmart clothing. And shut your mouth because no one cares about your opinion. And anonymous #2 we totally need to have cocktails because I may not know you but you think just like me!!!!

  5. I have to laugh I am normally not one to make comments on blogs or entertain the idea of getting into a "written spat" but the comment left by Anonymous number one just makes me laugh about how stupid and uneducated SOME people in the Midwest really can be to such cultured topics. So many great points in this editorial - the fact that Anonymous #1 attacked the author personally (assuming that the author was the one whom I am guessing wore a pink gown to the Launch Event?) means that he/she most likely a jealous petty nobody! Obviously Anonymous #1 is someone with serious self esteem issues, I think Fashion Wrap Up is a great blog and what a great concept for an online publication! I say bravo to the writers of Fashion Wrap Up. I agree with you Jordan lets all get cocktails with Anonymous 2 (which by the way I love your writing style)and the Fashion Wrap Up author and/or team!

    There is no room for people like Anonymous 1 in this world! You should crawl back under a rock no one wants to hear you anyway!

  6. Angelina i would love have cocktails with you and the FWU team they are amazing people who are going after their dreams how can you knock that??