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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Direct Wrap Up with Devon Scott ~

"Monochrome Winter Blues"
Last week, I crawled out of my warm and comfy bed and went into work. Baring in mind, my regular job begins at 4:00 am. I put on a black/gray turtleneck, gray pants, gray boots. I was doing a very close impression to an overdressed Theda Bara sans eyeliner.
When I arrived at the office, all of my fellow "before dawn" shift folk were ALSO wearing NOTHING but monochrome. It was a disturbing trend to me.
Maybe it's the lack of daylight, the gray skies, the white-covered ground, whatever. But it seems like when the winter arrives, so does the lack of color.
Everything I've ever been told about great style is how to sneak in those pops of color, particularly when it comes to accessories.
For me, it's red. I could put red with everything I own and never tire of it.  
Add this colorful piece to your winter wardrobe~  See by Chloe scarf $76.50/shop
It doesn't have to be much. A bright red, pink, purple, or (in extreme cases when you really want to blow someone's mind) electric blue can not only brighten your outfit but your winter blues as well!
What colors would you use to spice up the monochromatic pallet?

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