Fashion Wrap Up

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Direct Wrap Up with Devon Scott ~

It's cold out. Yesterday, it was something like 12 degrees when I drove back home from Iowa (bestie's parents live south of the Quad Cities). Cold, bright, and weird-looking in general. It's also one of the coldest winters in history for parts of Europe.
One way designers are keeping us warm (yet chic) this winter is the turtleneck. But, it's not the "underneath the ugly sweater" version many of us recall from childhood.
Turtlenecks these days seem to be shooting toward accentuating one's curves, while keeping us from freezing to death. Case in point, this gorgeous YSL ribbed turtleneck. It's sleek and draws the eye to, well, what God hath given us ladies.
Pair with skinny jeans or capris (in the winter you can do capris with boots - looks very cool) and don't forget your coat!
XOXO - Devon 


  1. I will defiantly pair this with skinny jeans and incoporate colorful accessories! Very ladylike! :)

  2. YSL makes a great turtleneck! Great idea!!!