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Friday, December 31, 2010

The Direct Wrap Up with Devon Scott

"Socks and Stillettos?"
Remember the days when you'd silently (I hope) make fun of the old guy rocking the socks and sandals (the socks usually being black)?
Those days are gone - the trend from a couple years ago is back. Socks and heels.
They popped up on the runway and then in respected fashion magazines across the world over the last few months, taking a cue from the private-school-girl-meets-sex-kitten page. Think Cher in "Clueless" circa 1995.
Knee socks have been a favorite of mine for years (I skated roller derby...knee socks are essentials for shin protection). In the winter, I sometimes pair some cute capris with striped socks and platform heels. I promise people will not look at you strange - they'll be envious of your fashion-forwardness (is that a word? oh well it is now). They can add color when you're feeling gray and black.
My favorite place to buy socks is These peacock pattern knee socks made my mouth water (they're reasonably priced as well - $9).
As for the shoes, I'd put on some bright socks and rock these Alejandro Ingelmo "Sophia" platforms ( - $216).
More daring trends to come to kick off 2011 - happy shopping!
XOXO ~ Devon 

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